A Guide to Your Chakras

Are you familiar with the idea of unblocking your chakras? Most people will have heard the term but are unlikely to know what it means unless they have received some form of spiritual training. The concept behind this spiritual practice dates back centuries. It is accepted that there are seven chakras in the body, which act as energy centres and, as such, they have very important roles to play. If our chakras are in their natural flow, energy can run through them freely, resulting in harmony between the mind, body and spirit. However, problems can arise if there is a blockage in one of these chakras, requiring it to be unblocked in order to restore harmony.

So, what are the colours and qualities of the seven chakras? 

Base chakra

Red - grounding, contact to earth, power, and instinctive trust.

Sacral chakra

Orange - courage, power, dynamic force.


Solar plexus chakra

Yellow and gold - inner peace, taking your own place, being in the life flow.


 Heart chakra


Green and pink - unconditional love, truth, healing, compassion.


 Throat chakra


Light blue - expansion, giving yourself space, communication, level of action.


 Brow chakra


Dark blue - perception, knowledge levels.


Lotus chakra


Purple and white - transformation, devotion instead of action, alignment, contact to heaven.

You can work towards bringing balance to each of your chakras with spiritual practice. Having understood every one of the chakras in turn and its energy role in the body, you will be able to recognise whether you need to work on a specific chakra to address your issue and achieve harmony in your life. The Starlight Center provides support and guidance in unblocking your chakras to enable you to live your life to the full.

Alongside her spiritual healing and teaching, Deborah has developed a system of Starlight Essences to offer support for your chakras. There are seven essences available, purchased either separately or as a complete set, carrying the information of the seven chakras in order to bring an increase of energy and a new balance.

The seven level 1 Starlight Essences include 4 Pure Red - Root Chakra, 5 Pure Orange - Sacral Chakra, 6 Pure Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra, 7 Puree Green - Heart Chakra, 8 Pure Light Blue - Throat Chakra, 9 Pure Royal Blue - Brow Chakra, and 10 Pure Violet - Lotus Chakra.

Each of the chakras relate to a specific colour, element and stone, represented in the essences to help you in your practice.

To find out more about Deborah’s Starlight Essence therapy for your chakras, you can visit her online shop at https://starlight-shopping.com/collections/for-your-chakras 


If you have any further questions, please complete the online contact form, and Deborah will get back to you as soon as she can.