What Can Crystals Do for You?

Deborah teaches a distinct practice of crystal healing at her Starlight Center in Salisbury. It originates from a time when everything on earth was still crystalline, and where the sunlight, the crystals, and the light from heaven worked harmoniously together to bring light to earth for healing and creation.

Crystal healing is all about interacting with the body’s energy field to create balance and alignment, helping with problems such as stress, physical ailments and illnesses. Deborah’s practice of Atlantis crystal healing goes a step further, precisely perceiving what is needed to achieve healing and balance on all levels.

The different treatment techniques range from crystal healing for the spine and chakra balance, to bringing crystalline implants into your physical body. Over the years, Deborah has experienced amazing results in combining light and crystals to achieve relief for physical problems, as well as assisting clients with confidence issues, low mood and anxiety. Every Atlantis crystal healing session is individually tailored to the person and their specific concerns in order to get the desired results they require.

If you feel like something is missing in your life and a state of absolute joy is out of reach, you may benefit from experiencing the power of  crystals for yourself. Atlantis crystal healing can help remove emotional, mental and causal stagnation, so you can overcome challenges and difficult situations in your life. Once the life energy starts flowing again, you will find it easier to cope with what is going on around you. If you would like to feel more centred and focused in your everyday life, crystal healing could be the answer to your prayers. 

 Some of the treatment methods are especially good for promoting inner balance and wellbeing. These include the chakra healing and balance treatment, crystal healing for the spine (used for releasing and healing emotional conflicts), crystal power circles (used for trust, confidence, expansion), and holistic stone healing (used for unlocking your potential). If you know which issue you would like to address, Deborah will be able to advise on the type of treatment method that would work best for you, specifically adapted to your own individual needs.


Deborah is the first to recognise that crystals cannot perform magic, but she has seen first-hand how the healing process can be made a lot quicker and smoother when supported by Atlantis crystal healing. There are crystals available for guidance and insights into every life experience. Whether you are suffering with a physical, emotional or mental concern or simply feel lost in your life and unsure which way to go, Atlantis crystal healing can help to awaken new inner visions and unlock your potential, so that you can then bring these visions into your life. 


Looking for something more? These are some Atlantis crystal healing treatments that are helpful for receiving guidance and inspiration. These include Insights through the Vision Crystal, Power Mandala: Feel your own potential, Fire Crystals: Bring transformation into blockages, Chakra Implants: Strengthen your energy potential, Christ Fire Crystals: Enhance the light presence in your chakras, and Lotus Diamond: Become the creator of your own life.


For further advice and information on Atlantic crystal healing, please contact the Starlight Center.