What is the Starlight Center and How Can it Help You?

The Starlight Center in Salisbury is the spiritual home of spiritual teacher and healer, Deborah Reiter. Deborah has been guiding clients on their individual soul journeys for over 35 years. She studied as an Alternative Practitioner and worked in a holistic clinic in Bonn, Germany, before setting up her own clinic nearby to provide a place for healing, meditation and seminars on spiritual awareness.

In 2003, Deborah felt the calling to move to England, drawn to the powerful energy of Stonehenge in Wiltshire. She founded the Starlight Center to create a space for people to connect with their inner light, their true potential, and to experience healing, support and guidance for their own path.

The Starlight Center is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Clients continue to come from far and wide to seek support in fulfilling their life task. By finding your connection to your own light world, it can give your life more meaning and fulfilment, thus enabling you to reach inner calmness and happiness.

Deborah’s international centre of light is a dedicated space for training, guidance and healing. Regular sessions, seminars and coachings provide clients with what they are looking for at a time when they need it most. The energy of the Starlight Center is such that you will be empowered to connect with your own light, be touched by it, and receive inspirations and visions for your future. In turn, you will feel like it is much easier to achieve your goals and attain a higher sense of self.

Many clients recognise that spiritual practice adds more quality to their lives. Whether they are experiencing it for the first time or enjoy regular meditation and spiritual healing, everyone can benefit from bringing their inner light into their life. Perhaps you are feeling like you are at a crossroads in your life, or maybe you are looking for the answer to a question you might have? Starlight can help to make things clearer for you, giving guidance for the journey ahead. By harnessing the power of spiritual practice, you will be able to feel like a burden has been lifted from your shoulders, allowing you to live life to the fullest and do whatever makes you happy.

In a world where we are obsessed by material possessions and struggling with the constant pressures of modern life, listening to the voice within you will help to provide clarity. There are real concerns over increased mental health issues in society, and we are still feeling the detrimental effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Making connections with other individuals to form a soul family will give you the essential support you need to navigate the challenges that lie ahead. There is something to be said for sharing spiritual experiences as part of a like-minded group in an environment that feels safe. The sacred space of the Starlight Center has been especially designed to make it easier for you to open up to your spiritual side, so inside and outside can become one. Only then can true happiness be attained.

There is not a person on this earth who would not benefit from reaching a state of total happiness and fulfilment. In a world where stress, depression and anxiety are commonplace, the presence of starlight is necessary to take steps towards the goal of pure bliss. Not only is Deborah responsible for creating a place in which to achieve spiritual awakening, but she has also developed training courses so you can take your practice as a spiritual healer to the next level. 

What’s more, Deborah has designed her Starlight Essences system of essences and sprays to promote spiritual healing, as well as physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. You can view the entire collection by each level online, or by visiting Deborah’s Starlight Center in Salisbury. Here, you will be inspired to remember that you are a spiritual being, enabling you to follow your heart and live your best life going forward.


Your journey starts right here today!