golden drops from heaven - my 4th core competence

Golden drops from heaven ignite realisation of your Self 


Treatment :


Step 1: Golden drops flow from your heaven via your Lotus Chakra into your Heart Chakra.


Step 2: From the Heart Chakra they continue to expand. This communicates the level of realisation, meaning the underlaying theme .


Step 3: The corresponding levels in the body and in your own system start to show. The corresponding energy levels become visible.


Step 4: Depending on what is needed, there are 3 parts:

1) You dive into the original level of the theme.

2) You dive into the depth of the theme to experience what it holds.

3) You find out where the theme/aspect wants to take you. This gives insights for your path and orientation. It stimulates the flow of life and supports manifestation. 


This can be done on current themes and also without a theme in mind.


The golden drops flow into all levels.


That which was hidden becomes visible and nourished. Realisation begins to be flow.



If you are interested please contact me to arrange suitable time.


I am looking forward to support You with my new core competence - GOLDEN DROPS.


Fee  : £700

Golden Drops from heaven - 4th Core Competence


Golden Drops