Atlantis Crystal Healing

Atlantis Crystal Healing is a training for those who wish to heal, transform and support others with the light of the crystals. The initiations into the creation levels of the crystal worlds happen in devotion to the Divine Mother / Babaji. Various healing and Feng Shui techniques for people, animals, spaces and nature are learned during the training and can be applied for the benefit of all.


Created through the holy fire and awakened in their divine potential, the treatment crystals grant deep healing and transformation. Atlantis Crystal Healing enables holistic healing and guidance for all areas and aspects of life. With the golden waves, new techniques to support the manifestation of the golden age for Earth and us, become available. The training lasts 14 days and consists of 2 parts. 


Entry Requirement: Alpha Chi Consultant or Crystalline Initiation Path


Course Dates

Part 1: 21.10.-27.10.2017

Part 2: 19.03.-25.03.2018


For further information, see the videos below.

An introduction

Crystals and treatments

Who can take part?