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Lotus showers. Deborah’s Blessing monthly in 2023

Lotus Showers touches the inner core of your being. You begin to remember your origin. During Lotus Showers, the light of your own divine origin flows into your heart and nourishes the seeds of light, to make your own light shine. Deep healing and transformation are stimulated and can be experienced. From the Lotus sources of Shakti, endless love and freedom flows. This experience of your own light persists into your daily life.


Lotus Showers helps you to acknowledge your own light so that it will never be forgotten again. Supported unconditionally by the love of the divine mother, Lotus Showers helps to invite your own light and thereby to take your own place.


Close your eyes and focus your attention onto your heart. Be open to receive the Lotus Showers that flows from Deborah's hands into your heart chakra. The more you open yourself, the stronger is the flow that fills your heart from within.


At the end Deborah touches your heart with the pink-golden lotus fire which brings new healing.


 This special blessing will be offered once each month  at 1pm UK time.

The Dates for  this year :


18 June 

17 July

16 August 


15 September 

14 October


13 November

12 December 

You can attend the Lotus Showers via Zoom.


(same link throughout the year)


Duration : 15 minutes

Morning meditations & evening meditations

Regular meditation  invites you to connect with your own light and your own heaven. Here it is easy to dive into the dimensions of your higher self and to receive guidance. Regular meditation brings more awareness for living in the moment, so helps strengthen mindfulness.

We practice the heart meditation, which brings alignment and presence into your heart chakra. We provide a calm, light-filled space   inviting you to focus on your inner core and find peace and love within yourself. Here you can easily connect with the light of your origin and communicate with the spiritual world as a natural part of your daily life. If you are searching for yourself you will find answers in the truth of your own heart. 

Here is a a little video insight on how our MORNING MEDITATIONS feel and sound like : 




Various Sacred Fires constitute an essential part of life at the Starlight Centre.


They are   powerful transformation ceremonies, which transform through fire and nurture the soul.


We come together to   celebrate the Divine  and find peace and harmony.


Everybody is welcome to take part - there is no prior knowledge required.


Please book in, so that we know to expect you and  please make sure you arrive at least 5 minutes early as we always start on time.