Regular meditation and a powerful variety of sacred fires invite you to connect with your own light and your own heaven. Here it is easy to dive into the dimensions of your higher self and to receive guidance. Regular meditation brings more awareness for living in the moment, so helps strengthen mindfulness.

We practice the heart meditation, which brings alignment and presence into your heart chakra. We provide a calm, light-filled space inviting you to focus on your inner core and find peace and love within yourself. Here you can easily connect with the light of your origin and communicate with the spiritual world as a natural part of your daily life. If you are searching for yourself you will find answers in the truth of your own heart. 

Heart meditation

The Heart Meditation is a silent meditation with the mantra "God is Love". There is an initiation ceremony before you start doing the meditation on your own. This initiation helps you to guide energy into your heart chakra, and to deepen the experience of "God is Love" in connection with your own love and truth. After the initiation, the mantra "God is Love" is the guiding thought in your meditation. Through this you create a space independent of your thoughts. The recitation of the mantra normally takes place in a daily morning and evening meditation of 15 minutes. The initiation into the Heart Meditation is independent of a religious faith. It is free of charge and empowers you to perform your own meditation with the mantra "God is Love". If you like to receive the initiation, please get in touch

Mantra: "I'm happy, I'm love, I'm light."

This is a mediation where you recite the silent mantra "I am Happy, I am Love, I am Light" in all your chakras. It brings you into contact with your own light and lets you experience yourself in unity with your higher self. It awakens the knowing of what you are here for, and helps you to unfold your light, your love and inner happiness in your outer life. There is an initiation that you can receive. It is free of charge. If you like to receive the initiation, please get in touch

Our meditation & Sacred Fire Schedule at the starlight centre

Wednesdays: 6 pm Meditation followed by Shakti Christ Fire 

Monthly: Dhuni Fire, Omkaram & Suprabhatam and Meditation


At New Moon: 6 pm Meditation, Shakti Fire or Black Lotus Fire Ritual

At Full Moon: 6 pm Meditation, Black-Golden Lotus Fire or Shakti Lotus Bliss Fire Ritual



Our meditation programme is free of charge. Everybody can take part and experience the benefits of spiritual practice in their daily lives. Please contact us for exact times and dates. There is no need to book in. We usually start on time, so it's best to arrive 10 minutes before the starting time.

Our online meditations Schedule



The Golden Path of Bliss - Free guided meditation series via Zoom - last Wednesday each month.


3pm UK | 10pm Asia | 16:00 Germany



Golden Path of Bliss - with Deborah and Larina


Through our 2 core competencies :

Larina's Beauty Bliss and Deborah's Soma Flow - The infinite stream of Bliss


we open the space in which you can dive into the source of bliss.

A source of golden awareness that touches your sacredness and supports you to experience your divinity in your human form.

Golden streams of bliss nourishing your body, mind and soul and the earth.




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