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Starlight and the new DNA - In person & online


This year we celebrate 20 years of Deborah’s Starlight Essences® and as part of the celebration we will offer this very special workshop.


Saturday, 04.06.2022.

2:30 - 4:30pm UK time  | 9:30 - 11:30pm  Asia time


The new DNA serves to experience oneself in unity with creation, in unity with the divine. The effects of separateness are dissolving.

Separation began in the end times of Atlantis when beings decided to go out of oneness and no longer follow the divine natural law.


With the beginning of the Golden Age in 2012, the new world year was ushered in, in which the Earth enters into the further development and completion of the heart chakra.

It was an act of divine grace that the new DNA began to arrive on Earth in 2020, even though it is still a longer process before it has fully arrived with everyone.


It is part of the Cosmic Light Revolution on Earth that all Light Beings can experience themselves again in Oneness with the Divine and to start to create from it. This does not happen overnight and needs accompaniment.


Starlight has always been the guiding light for further development on planet Earth and for the beings that incarnate there.

There are new levels of light that come to Earth from the starlight worlds and are available through the Starlight Essences System.

The Starlight Essences support all that is going on in relation with the new DNA. They serve to prepare the body and energy body accordingly and to stimulate new creation flows in the body.


New consciousness wants to be awakened, new dimensions open up. This too is accompanied by the Starlight.

Because the Starlight Essences already have an earthly form, they are, so to speak, the link and means to bring these higher frequencies and levels of light harmoniously into the body and to stimulate flows. They give the whole energy system a recognition for the new and what it means to be in the unity flow.

Depending on the individual needs different treatment and application packages can be put together.



The special highlight will be the launch of the brand new Starlight Essence  125 Starlight Lotus Bliss

125 Starlight Lotus Bliss promotes the receptiveness for the new creation impulses and the light levels from the new DNA. It makes the body and the energy system more permeable and stimulates new chi flows in the body and in the different systems. So in the meridian system, in the chakra system, in the five-element cycle and in the nervous system. The light receptors experience an adjustment and a harmonious increase in frequency.


There are treatment methods for the physical body and for the heart chakra.   Starlight Lotus Bliss contains exactly the frequencies that the heart needs to experience healing (if necessary), to raise the vibration, to awaken, to unlock and to expand potential and to unfold one's own heart light and unconditional love.

Starlight Lotus Bliss is nourishment for the soul, nourishment for the heart. It helps to arrive in the new flow of creation and to bring it into one’s life.




Looking forward to seeing you for the 20 years Starlight Essences Jubilee workshop.


Love, Deborah 



Starlight and the new DNA

Starlight and the new DNA

Starlight and the new DNA


golden starlight bliss monthly series in 2022

Supported by the corresponding Starlight Essences and Crystals we will travel to the sacred Starlight Temples.


There you receive whatever you need at the moment.

The starlight from the system flows into you and brings healing, transformation or potential awakening & strengthening.


It awakens new resonances for the starlight in your energy system and body. You can also receive visions, insights or messages.



Let's bring more Golden Starlight Bliss into your life.


Time   : 2pm UK time


Duration :   1 hour, 30 min


Investment   :   £150/ Eur180 per workshop



You will receive the Zoom link to join after the receipt of your payment.


*Chinese translation will be provided.




11 June   - SUN





12 August -   PLEIADES




11 September -   SALERNO


9 October -   ALPHA




20 November  -   PARITRA


18 December   -    21 Divine Qualities

Golden Starlight Bliss series





21 Divine Qualities


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Also online

Deleting incarnation paths


Incarnation paths have left traces in the body and in the entire energy system, which means one’s own potentials and qualities can’t be lived freely. With the method of the Masters all the traces of the incarnation paths can be deleted, so that the freed spaces can be filled with the corresponding qualities. This leads to a liberated creation flow. 


Fee: £300 


A new connection between heaven and earth  


With a new lotus fire in my hands I can install a new connection between heaven and earth in all your chakras and in the light channel in your spine. This creates a light pillar in your entire energy system which gives alignment, clarity and stability and enhances your own creation flow. 


Your personal Guidance Crystal - initiated for you


It aligns you and connects you with your divine guidance when you hold it in front of your heart chakra. In this alignment you can receive the impulses more clearly. You experience the space of your heart chakra; the light of your heart starts to shine. The guidance crystal is a wonderful tool for helping make decisions, helping to realign yourself again and again, as well as helping you live yourself in a happy flow.


Price: from £88 depending on the size of the crystal (plus the cost of postage)