Lotus Shamans

The Lotus Shamans of the Golden Age Training

You are heartily invited to join us on our next Back to the Roots journey.

An initiation cycle into the healing power of the Lotus Shamans.


In Person - 5 days

At the  Starlight Centre with Deborah and MaRa


Date :

3 - 7 March, 2023


Time : 10am - 6pm   daily


Investment: £4000.00


the initiation Path of the Priest/ess of the Black Light

The initiation Path of the Priests & Priestesess of the Black Light  


3 day Divas of the Black Light seminar


Date :

May 5-7, 2023


Time   daily:   

7am - 12 pm Santa Fe | 15.00 - 20.00 Uhr dt Zeit | 2pm- 7pm UK  |  9pm - 2am Taiwan time 



Investment: $3000 (£2400)

The Lotus Druids of the Golden Age – initiation path

Exciting News !


New   LOTUS DRUIDS OF THE GOLDEN AGE TRAINING    group will start in August 2023   


If you wish to be on it, register your interest   and get in touch  now.   

The booking link is open. 

The Lotus Druids of the Golden Age Training by MaRa and Deborah.


This online training is our latest offering to you and its content is the latest and most amazing tools and knowledge that has just became accessible and possible on earth.   It will start in August 2023 and complete in February 2024.


Lotus Druids of the Golden Age - who are they ?

  • Their common task is to restore balance; balance which is based on the natural law of all creation.
  • The Lotus Druids communicate with the guardians of the elements and the guardians of the wind.
  • They repair and revive ley lines with the energy of the white-golden lotus and they bring in the new creation levels of light.
  • They have manifold skills and tools.
  • The Lotus Druids carry a pure white light which is and stays untouchable.
  • They are healers, shamans, guides and builders of the Golden Age. On the outside rather inconspicuous, on the inside powerful.

Hidden knowledge comes to the surface.


This is an initiation path

with 7 stages (2 days each). 


Stage  1   -   August  12 &  13,  2023

Stage  2 -   September 23 & 24, 2023
Stage 3   -  October 21 & 22, 2023
Stage 4  -   November 11 & 12, 2023
Stage  5  -   December 16&17,  2023
Stage  6   -  January 13 & 14,  2024

Stage 7 -   February 17 & 18, 2024


Time each day will be :


6am -11am Santa Fe | 1pm -6pm  UK | 2pm -7pm Germany | 8pm -1am Asia (Nov to  Feb 1 hour later) 


Investment: 2000 $ per weekend    (total $14 000/£11000)




Watch this space for more information  on how the Lotus  Druids of the Golden Age  healing treatments  can support you  as more unfolds !