golden starlight bliss monthly series in 2022


11 June   - SUN - 3pm UK time

The Sun carries the quality of inner and outer peace; and to be at peace with one’s self and the world can be experienced here. It represents the centre of our solar system and penetrates all shadows with its light; and it is here that manifold light information merges. 


Here, the soul gains insights about its own evolutionary and developmental path as unaffected by time and space, the eternal aspects can be found and perceived. The wisdom of the light, the creation power of the fire and the golden light that wants to manifest itself on Earth, are kept here and sent forth.

Golden Starlight Bliss series - SUN


SUN. The Workshop will start at 3pm UK time


lemuria moon

 1    July -   LEMURIA MOON 

 The Moon is connected to Earth as an expression of the Divine Mother. All of the natural processes and cycles - the rhythms, water, tides and the natural processes of Earth, in their original state as a complete expression of mother Earth in unity with the mother of the worlds - are stored in the Moon.


At this moment in time, an adjustment of the earthly energy and the ancient healing knowledge and creational information of pure Shakti (female creation energy) is taking place to free the hidden and make it available in a new form. 


The Moon helps one to find one’s own rhythm, to listen to it, and to align one’s life with it.


    12 August   -   PLEIADES 

 The Pleiades are several hundred million years ahead in their development compared to ours. They are especially responsible for the light ascension of planets and in this case for the vibration increase and light creation on Earth. The origins for healing and teaching with light and energy, as well as the dreamtime level, begin here. 


A synchronisation between the light levels of the Pleiades and our earthly structures is taking place. This started a while ago and the opportunities now are greater than ever before.


  11 September -   SALERNO 

 Here we find the cosmic temple of unity and the original information of light, which is guarded and kept safe. The soul remembers its light ‘body’, its individual sounds, light colours, qualities and potential.


Manifold creation impulses and expressions of any form can be re-connected and integrated via Salerno. The ‘All is one’ can be experienced here. The light of Salerno connects with you with your own origin in order for you to achieve your goals and reach fulfilment.


  9  October -   ALPHA 

 Within the star system of Alpha, there is a star which supports human kind and Earth to leave old paths behind and to be in the present. 


On Alpha, beings learn to encompass the development of the soul, to receive insights and to free their perception, enabling time windows to be recognised and used. 


The communication, and connection, with the spiritual world are supported and we begin to awaken as our memory returns.   



  20 November    -   PARITRA

 On Paritra the support levels of the avatars are to be found and the complete expressions of Creation, the levels of bliss and integrity. 

Here we can access, and have insights, into the great interaction of the spiritual hierarchy, in which each being has its own ancestral place. 

21 Divine Qualities

  18 December    -   21 Divine Qualities

 21 Divine   Qualities    represent the pure golden light of Heaven. They enable you to experience Heaven on Earth and they help you remember your own divinity and to re-connect with it, so that inherent qualities can be strengthened or gifts from Heaven can be brought to Earth. The light of the  21  Divine Qualities  permeates all levels of being and grants healing from the non-polar worlds; the eternal undying light. They support a conscious awakening and reassuming of your own creator power and the opening for the light of Heaven so that it can find expression on Earth.