Create YOUR inner sacred space

In the past we have recognised the “sacredness” of higher beings like the Holy Spirit, Jesus, our spiritual teachers or others.

Now we have to become aware of our own holiness.


We developed our skills as light beings, our ability to heal and share healing with others; we developed our understanding of love and light and started sharing it with others. We are more and more aware, that we are here for a reason.


At the same time we experience a new opening for the information in our environment. This leads to an overflow of information hitting our system and producing some sort of insecure emotions.

We start to wonder, is what I have defined as my goal really my mission? do I touch my Heaven on Earth or is it just a projection of wishes from my loved ones, from society or part of a job description, that is not my own vision of my life?


The more we open up, and we all are in a process of opening up, the more we need our inner retreat, a space that is untouched by our emotions and the information flow of our daily life. Where we can dive in, whenever insecurity knocks at our door. Where we experience nothing but our self.


Once our inner sacred space is created, it will provide all the answers for us on a daily basis. Here we are in touch with our true essence, our truth and our pure light. From here we can shape our outer world accordingly.


Together with Deborah we learn to build our inner sacred space.



Next Seminar dates :


05 - 08 August 2023 at the Starlight Centre, UK and ONLINE



2023  - pending allowance to travel !

at the Nera Light Centre, Taichung, Taiwan


Course fee: £3400 


Introduction video in English:

einführungsvideo in Deutsch:

創造內在的神聖空間Introduction with Mandarin subtitles