Lotus Light Of Stonehenge

Enter the creation temple of Stonehenge. Through the golden light of unity it becomes easy to connect with your soul potential. Your creation task starts to show. Experience the endless flow of golden light. Receive support for your own life. Strengthen the communication with your spiritual guides and the light worlds that are waiting to make contact with you.


Carried by the golden lotus, nourished by the divine fire, supported by the unconditional love of the Divine Mother, you can experience your unity, your completeness from where you can take part in creation. All worlds of light and all heavens can be experienced from Stonehenge in simultaneity.


Lotus Light of Stonehenge strengthens your light presence and the light net of Earth. Untouched by time and space, the creation levels of light are guarded. Let yourself be touched by the light of your own origin, reach out for your soul family and your spiritual companions and helpers.



Your potential and your unique soul qualities from all times can be experienced in one moment. This seminar awakens the resonances for your own light; it supports the transition into the new time and nourishes a joyful flow! It takes place in Stonehenge and at the Starlight Centre.


This seminar includes the preparation for the integration of light at our Stonehenge visit, a sacred fire night, the experience of the creation mandala of Stonehenge where you can anchor more of your light on Earth and the visit to Stonehenge during sunrise where we chant the Omkar (21 times OM) and Suprabhatam (a song to awaken the Divine) and where everyone gets back in touch with more of their own light to experience their soul purpose. Every year different light worlds connect during the seminar and it is amazing to see how this seminar can bring so much positive change into your life if you are ready to live your potential. You are warmly invited to take part! 

Introduction in English

Einfahrung in Deutsch

Next Seminar

05.06. - 06.06.2022


We start at 10am on Sunday and finish around 4pm on Monday.

We will be at Stonehenge with exclusive access to the Stone Circle from 5:30am to 6:30am on Monday morning.




Cost: £800 / £500 for Light Centre Leaders living at their power place, Partners, Children and repeaters

Plus an additional £50 entrance fee to Stonehenge (Private Access to the Circle).