love factory

Welcome to the 3 day initiation path of the Love Factory where you will experience a new love quality.

You will become aware about your unique gift you have for the world and how to share it.


Here are some insights about what is awaiting you:


🌟Expansion of your true being 


🌟pure and unconditional love


🌟 Creating a power place of your own teachings, which becomes an inspirational surrounding free from any negative information


🌟Deep Healing, Support from your spiritual guides and stepping into the new dream of your soul


🌟the Fire Ritual that attracts love


🌟the Love Factory crystal to receive messages from within, to experience your body as a light channel and more….



South Tyrol

14. – 16.04.2023


 Meran, South Tyrol -  In Person


Teacher: Deborah


Investment: 2000 € 


Starlight centre, uk

29.04. – 01.05.2023


 Starlight Centre -  In Person


Teacher: Deborah


Investment: £1800/2000 €