Sessions and coaching

Power Place Coaching

Power Place Coaching is one of Deborah's specialities: Supporting and guiding others in taking and finding their power place on Earth.

ACH Crystal Healing

This is a very distinct way of Crystal Healing that is taught by Deborah since 2002. It comes from a time where everything on Earth was still crystalline and where the sunlight, the crystals and the light from Heaven worked harmoniously together to bring light to Earth for healing and creation. 

The different treatment techniques range from crystal healing for the spine and chakra balance to bringing crystalline implants into your physical body.

Spiritual Teacher

You will know it in your heart, when you are my disciple. Your soul will guide you to your Teacher.


Next international Teacher & disciples meeting : 

4 June, 2022.

Lotus Healing

Lotus Healing is a new therapy that ranges from relaxation treatments to trauma release.

Lotus Healing works with very specific healing frequencies that are gentle yet powerful. This energy is used to bring positive change into your body and your energy field. There it clears and lifts your own emotions, thoughts and helps to overcome negative experiences from the past. 


Master methods

Starlight Essences

The Starlight Essences are unique in their effect, as they allow insight into your entire being, into your  development path and they illuminate all hidden corners and areas, so that it becomes easy to joyfully stimulate your own life flow and be able to follow it.