Alpha Chi Consultant Training

This training is for those who have completed the Path into Light® seminar and would like to gain access to the Divine Natural law. The divine natural law is no invention of the new time. It was born into creation from the beginning of time and explains the inherent ‘why’ of each state of being. During the Alpha Chi Consultant training, new sources of knowledge beyond our polar world become available and open up. During the following weeks and months, we learn to integrate this knowledge into our lives, be it as a consultant or in our current social and work environment.

Feng Shui

Joy of life is created trough the flow of the divine natural law.

Spiritual Consultation

Very precise and pinpoint information that help you make decisions and move on, even in challenging situations. 

Life - Death Transition

Being there when you are most needed to support the transition.

Communication with plants

Experience life in abundance. 

Communication with crystals

Diving into the history of Earth and collecting the knowledge for today.

Communication with animals

Experience the divine unity in all beings.

Power Animals, Communication with Angels, Healing, Dissolving old structures, Creating new lightful structures and Solution Finding Techniques and so much more.

ACC Golden Age - next training dates


At the Starlight Centre &   Online 


 Part 1: 11 - 15  May, 2023

Part 2: 20 - 24 July, 2023

Part 3: 6 - 10 October, 2023


Course fee:

£3000 for each part








At the Karuh's Sternenlicht Zentrum, Germany:


Part 1:        23 - 27 June, 2023

Part 2:       25 - 29 August, 2023

Part 3:       1 - 5 December, 2023


Course fee:

Eur4000 for each part


If you have completed the Path into Light® seminar and are interested in doing the Alpha Chi Consultant Training, please get in touch with me.

It is a great joy to accompany others on their unique life path and to support them in taking their place here on Earth. I am happy to answer all questions you may have.


With love & light





introduction video

Einführung in deutsch

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