Star Priests and Priestesses

Star Priests and Priestesses are now awakening. They are remembering their starlight origin and are taking their place on Earth. They serve the Divine Mother, who is the creation expression of the starlight worlds. Star Priests and Priestesses guard holy starlight fires. They bring starlight to Earth and to human kind. They manifest starlight places and create connections to the stars.

intro video in english:

in deutsch:

Course Content

  • Access to the starlight worlds via Orion
  • Access to the Moon and Lemurian star knowledge
  • Cleansing ritual & Shakti levels of the Divine Mother
  • Star knowledge from Sirius & starlight presence in the chakras
  • The starlight lotus of Stonehenge
  • Access to your own starlight worlds, potential and qualities
  • The dream paths of the soul: Your own starlight journey
  • The starlight fire: Venus & Pleiades
  • The star knowledge of Avalon, Priests and Priestesses of the Great Mother
  • Access to the Pleiades: Communication with the starlight worlds
  • Travelling through the dimension gates
  • Anchoring a starlight swirl in the aura

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Star Priest/Priestess Course      8 - 17 July, 2023  


Tuition fee: £3000 for the 10 day training/£900 for the 3 day update 


If you have any questions please get in touch.

photos from our recent trainings