Starlight Essence Therapy

- Deborah’s Starlight Essences® are a gift to mankind to remember and connect Us with Our original divine light. They bring clarity and Focus To your own path.

"Starlight supports the awakening of Earth and humankind. It makes it easy to remember your own origin and to bring light into creation. Starlight brings new impulses of creation to Earth. The changes of the energy bodies and the earthly vibration is achieved through starlight. Wherever starlight is used, it brings new light information and transforms, where transformation is needed. Starlight helps our energy bodies and our physical body to deal with the increase of energy and to establish a new energy flow. Our physical body is going through an adjustment process. It is necessary that all information, which resonates to old structures, can leave our own energy system in order to make room for the new that wants to come in.


The Starlight Essences system contains all light information needed to support, encourage and complete this process. They were brought to Earth in order to unite your incarnated soul and your physical body with your soul potential and your heavenly qualities. Whenever the Starlight Essences are used, they awaken the light and create a harmonious flow. They allow you to communicate with all the different worlds of light on Earth and in the cosmic worlds.


As the Starlight Essences are already a physical expression of the starlight, they allow you to be supported and protected during this time of transition. They help you to cope with all the changes in your life and support you in taking your steps on your own path. They bring the joy needed to comprehend the bigger picture and to fulfil your true purpose here on Earth.


When brought into Earth, the Starlight Essence free the inherent and stored light and strengthen its intensity. They nourish the seeds of light and the cosmic light, which is coming to Earth and create a new balance, so that this light can anchor in Earth.


The Starlight Essences bring the complete knowledge of the starlight worlds with new light technologies and healing levels to Earth. They decode hidden knowledge, which was brought into Earth from God’s various light realms and which is found in the light matrix of Earth with its creation history.


The Starlight Essences contain the light codes for this level of knowledge and these light realms and provide access. Hidden knowledge becomes accessible, healing takes place, and creation of light begins. The future becomes the present. All is one in this moment. Light and matter unite. New forms are being established."




How to use The Essences

The Importance of The Essences

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How The Essences Support Us

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Training in Starlight Essence Therapy

The Training is for those who wish to work with all of the Starlight Essences as a therapist, consultant, and for Earth. The training lasts 15 days, divided into 3 levels of 5 days each. You can already start treating clients after the first level.


Level 1

The participants learn how to use the first 31 Starlight Essences. These essences are related to the different energy bodies of the human being. The participants learn about the energy bodies and experience a change in their perception that enables them to guide clients and perceive their clients’ issues in a holistic way. The Starlight Essences mirror the client’s resonances in the energy bodies so that the Starlight Essence Therapist can initiate an immediate change when using the essences in the aura. During the training, the participants learn about the different treatment possibilities with these essences. After the first part of the training, they will be able to advise and guide others professionally on their own path. The essences give insights into the human soul in order to find the original causes of issues, symptoms and diseases. They are a powerful tool to achieve awareness, healing and transformation.


Level 2

The second part of the training comprises 62 essences connected to different stars and planetary systems. The participants experience an initiation process to be able to understand, apply and perceive these complex starlight energies. Basis for this is a starlight channel that makes these energies accessible at any time. Using this starlight channel enables the Starlight Essence therapists to advise others on their own path. The therapists conceive/recognise the path of the soul - its origin, its journey through the starlight levels and its incarnation goals. Potentials and qualities of the human soul become visible and the Starlight Essences reveal the power behind these potentials. The client finds out about their origin, their purpose in life and what they intended to achieve on their path of completion during this incarnation. Existing potentials can be enhanced and sleeping potentials can be awakened. During this part of the training, the participants receive a concept in order to give seminars with the Starlight Essences.


Level 3

The participants receive access into the divine perception in order to conceive and use the divine light in its different expressions and qualities. The 21 Essences carrying divine qualities and the 10 essences from the Divine Mother are the basis for this part of the training. They enable new levels of healing which originate from the Divine. The participants learn to create power circles, charging a room, charging/energising crystals and creating healing mandalas for clients with the Starlight Essences. 

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26. - 30. March, 2023

10am - 4pm daily.


In Person at the Starlight Centre UK and Online.






Cost of training: £2,500.00 per level in UK


Next practitioner updates workshop -  12/06/2023


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