turbulent times - my 2nd core competence



Turbulent Times - 2nd Core Competence


Turbulent Times



The Turbulent Times treatment  session has 3 steps :


1. I free all your aspects from the emotional, mental or energetic chains, in which they are bound. We find out which topics/aspects in your life want to be looked at in the

current turbulent times. Very often the own aspects are entangled or locked in emotional, mental or energetic chains. During the first step I will separate the aspects so that they become visible. You and I can perceive them more clearly. If needed I will give you a consultation.


2. You choose one aspect that you want to explore more deeply. This aspect opens like a fruit and the inner core shows. Your own reality within it becomes visible. The so

far hidden message starts to communicate with you. A deeper recognition takes place. I give you a consultation as well.


3. If you want to bring this aspect more strongly into manifestation according to its timeline, I will supply the opened aspect with the information of its manifestation

level. If further consultation is needed I happily give that to you.



There is also another type of session available where your causal body is involved. This will bring in new aspects/potentials that haven’t been part of your active life flow.

If you don’t currently have any ideas for what you can do, where your life is headed or when you ask yourself what shall I do or when you have the feeling you need something new I can collect the corresponding aspect from your causal body. And then do step 1 to 3.


The fee for the session including the consultation is £700.

There is also the option to book different packages for several aspects/topics within an individual timeframe.