Lotus Light of Stonehenge

Enter the creation temple of Stonehenge. Through the golden light of unity it becomes easy to connect with your soul potential.


Your creation task starts to reveal itself.


Experience the endless flow of golden light. Receive support for your own life.


Strengthen the communication with your spiritual guides and the light worlds that are waiting to make contact with you.


Path Into Light®

The Path Into Light® is a path that guides you to your inner self.


It picks you up where you have been lost in your past and helps you to enter your full potential today, in the beginning of the Golden Age.



Inner Sacred Space

Together with Deborah we learn to build our inner sacred space.



Our core, a space that is untouched by our emotions and the information flow of our daily life. Where we can dive in, whenever insecurity knocks at our door. Where we experience nothing, but our self.


Once you have built your inner sacred space, it will be with you forever, wherever you go. Sacred space within you, filled only with your true essence, your truth and your own pure light.