Excited about the new essence & Spray ?

125 Starlight Lotus Bliss promotes the receptiveness for the new creation   impulses

and the light levels from the new DNA.

It makes the body and the energy system more permeable and stimulates   new chi flows

in the body and in the different systems.

The light receptors experience an adjustment and a harmonious increase   in frequency.


Starlight Lotus Bliss contains exactly the frequencies that the heart chakra   needs to experience healing, to raise the vibration, to awaken, to unlock   and to expand potential and to

unfold one's own heart light and   unconditional love.


125 Starlight Lotus Bliss is nourishment for the soul, nourishment for the heart.

It helps to arrive in the new flow of creation and to bring it into one’s life.


Welcome to your Spiritual Home

 It fills me with great joy  to help others discover their core qualities and to support them in fulfilling their life task.


I recognise and guide you on your   own  soul journey

As a spiritual teacher  and healer of more than 30 years,  I assist you in transforming limitations and stagnation, which are preventing you from reaching   inner calmness and happiness.


Helping you    find your connection to your own light world,  gives your life    more   meaning and  fulfilment.


I help you  bring  your heavenly qualities to Earth, touching the truth of your heart to manifest   these  qualities in your life. This will liberate a  dynamic flow  in your life, making it easy to  achieve your goals  and attain a  higher sense of self.


The Starlight Centre is an international centre of light, where you can receive training, guidance and healing. The energy of the Starlight Centre makes it easy to connect with your own light, to be touched by it and to receive inspiration and visions for your own life.


With Love

Deborah B Reiter


Encounter Your Self


The Starlight Centre provides a space, where you can connect with your inner light and find peace and love within yourself. We offer a weekly complimentary spiritual programme that helps you focus on your own divine light, bringing deep inner calmness. 


Spiritual practice adds more quality to your life. Meditation helps you to follow your heart and allows you to listen to the voice within. The sacred space makes it easy to open up to your own spiritual world, bringing your inner light into your life. Inside and outside can become one. This balance creates true happiness.


The workshops and classes being taught at the Starlight Centre help you achieve this. The presence of starlight brings immense guidance for your own path, it makes it easier to perceive yourself as a spiritual being and to live your soul potential. 


Do you feel the call to attend specific trainings? 


Deborah teaches :


The Path into Light, the Alpha Chi Consultant Training, Atlantis Crystal Healing, Lotus Healing, Starlight Essence Therapy, the Star Priest& Priestess Training, The Crystalline Initiation Path and the “Create Your Inner Sacred Space” seminar. 


All the trainings are initiation paths, that connect you immediately with your own creation levels of light in order to integrate it into your life and share it with the world in your own unique way.


Experience the abundance of your light in a joyful flow. Become one with your self and with the creation flow of heaven and earth.

2022 dates :

International Alpha Chi Consultant 2022


Part 1:  11 - 15.05. 2022

Part 2:   30.07 - 03.08.2022

Part 3: 06 - 10.01.2023

at the Starlight Centre


Alpha Chi Consultant 2022

Part 1:  24 - 28.03. 2022

Part 2:  24- 28.06.2022

Part 3:  26 - 30.08.2022

at Karuh's Sternenlicht Zentrum, Germany


Atlantis Crystal Healing  - UK &  ONLINE

Part 1: 3 - 10 March 2022

Part 2: 2 - 9 September 2022

at the Starlight Centre


Atlantis Crystal Healing - Asia 

Part 1: 20 - 27 May, 2022

Part 2: 22 - 29 September, 2022

in Taipei, Taiwan


Crystalline Initiation Path (Online ) 

27 - 30  April  2022

at the Starlight Centre


Create your Inner Sacred Space (Online)


 at the Starlight Centre


Lotus Healing (Online)



Lotus Light of Stonehenge

05 - 06 June 2022


Path Into Light

07- 10   August 2022


Starlight Essences Training



Star Priest & Priestesses (Online)

July 16- 25, 2022  


join our next "path into light" group !


What better way to ignite or re-ignite your fire and your soul dream. 


More in the video.

Apply via email.

we have quite a lot going on - online !


Each New Moon cycle brings its qualities. Deborah reads these qualities and gives us insights for the cycle ahead.

being inside our starlight yurt feels amazing and is an experience in itself.



"For more than 30 years I have helped clients with healing & transformation.  I have been living   in England since 2003, where I established  the Starlight Centre in 2004. 


I ran a very successful clinic and meditation centre in Germany before moving to England with my 2 daughters. Stonehenge is my power place. This is where I wanted to establish a light centre.


This includes   helping others to find answers to very important questions such as "Who am I?" and "Why am I here on Earth?" and to train them in their individual qualities and help them unfold their potential.


For this purpose, I set up an academy for different healing practices, the HELP Academy    and created Deborah"s Starlight Essences® in 2002.


Since the end of the 1990s, I have trained people in various disciplines: Alpha Chi Consultants, Atlantis Crystal Healing, Starlight Essence Therapy and since 2012 also Lotus Healing, as well as  the   Star Priestess   training.


It gives me much pleasure to see that there are more than 80 Starlight Essence Therapists, 120 Atlantis Crystal Healers and 280 Alpha Chi Consultants working worldwide    bringing balance, transformation and healing."


- Deborah Reiter