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  • Song of Heaven - Celebration of Life
  • 6 Step Master healing treatment
  •  Deleting Incarnation Paths




Master Methods treatment


Song of heaven - celebration of life

The amazing new Master method of 2022 is a life changing initiation .



🌟It serves the purpose to create a new timeline so that our physical body can follow our heavenly given life rhythm more easily and attuned to the heart beat of Mother Earth instead of trying to follow our world of thoughts all the time, which leads to exhaustion.



🌟A new power is released from mother earth supporting us to live our true soul reality in our earthly form.



🌟Through the initiation and the manifestation of our true soul reality on earth we will become the song of heaven and the celebration of life.



Investment: £440

6 step Master healing treatment

Step 1:

Deactivation and clearance of spike proteins.


Step 2:

Dissolving and clearance  of    "brain fog", allowing for quicker access to your own data.


Step 3:

Reconnect to ones own Heaven. Raises your consciousness and anchors  the new in all 7 chakras so that  you are in your own flow undistracted by other resonances that do not belong to you.


Step 4:

Immunity boost & energy cells. Strengthens your Mitochondria  and boosts your energy levels in the body.


Step 5:

Vitality boost   clearing your body from the chronic fatigue,  hypersensitivity,   overreaction and irritation.


Step 6:

Blood cleansing  - cleanses all toxic substances and residues from your blood, including energetic detox.


Fee: £1500 (Euro 1800)

Deleting incarnation paths


Incarnation paths have left traces in the body and in the entire energy system, which means one’s own potentials and qualities can’t be lived freely.


With the method of the Masters all the traces of the incarnation paths can be deleted, so that the freed spaces can be filled with the corresponding qualities.


This leads to a liberated creation flow. 


Fee: £300